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chi siamo Ristoranti ad Avola Sicilia

Welcometo Summeat

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From knives to cookers is a snap! That’s how Summeat was born, a place where carnivorous pride is celebrated and the culture of meat spreads combined with Mediterranean flavors.
Whether you are a noblewoman, a top manager, a housewife or an alpha male it doesn’t matter, in front of the smell of freshly grilled flesh, our nostrils are all the same. At the Summeat we select the the best steaks both national and European to make you discover flavors that you will hardly forget.
A Steak House in the historic center of Avola , a few kilometers from Syracuse.


You will find the best cuts of meat of the most valuable breeds and many other delicacies!

Ristorante steakhouse Avola Sicilia a pochi Km da Siracusa


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Piazza Trieste Avola Sicilia


SumMeat Steakhouse – info@summeatsteakhouse.it – tel: +39 3485331952
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